Chemicals & Materials

Chemicals & Materials The chemicals and materials sector faces a number of modern challenges mainly due to its high responsiveness to business cycles and consumer demand: overcapacities due to residual effects of the recent economic crisis, constraints on capital intensive operations and investments, regulatory pressures around environmental sustainability, and mergers and acquisitions of increasing complexity also drive this large category. Reports in this segment cover the Chemicals and Materials segment along with the sub segments of Agrichemicals, Petrochemicals, Organic chemicals and Advanced Materials. Also covered are the other material classes of Printing/Ink, Fibre, Plastic, Glass and compounds that form the input to various other products in the Consumer Goods and Food & Beverage segments. The research reports listed under the Chemicals and Materials category attempt to give you detailed insights of market conditions and forecasts, product trends and analysis, Industry overviews, market share, growth, sales statistics projections and company profiles