Fertecon Fertecon Limited comprises the world’s most experienced team of fertilizer industry consultants.It provides current information on all fertilizer products and raw materials, covering phosphates, sulphur, sulphuric acid, potash, ammonia, nitrogen fertilizer and NPKs, as well as undertaking short and long-term analysis on ammonia, urea, other nitrogen fertilizers, potash and NPKs.
Fertecon Limited’s weekly current information services are generally acknowledged as the most accurate, comprehensive and authoritative. Its monthly, quarterly and other market analysis reports provide timely, detailed foresight into developments in the World fertilizer and related industries. The company’s extensive list of clients for ad-hoc confidential consultancy studies testifies to the depth and range of its industry knowledge and the quality of its analysis and forecasts. Fertecon’s data services represent a unique resource for the fertilizer industry, unmatched by any other independent organisation.