Cloud Platforms for the Internet of Things
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This report covers cloud-based IoT platforms as well as the devices that companies want to connect to the IoT through the cloud.

The report also covers cloud-based real-time data analytics and the associated value-added services as well as API management and e-commerce.


1.0 Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report
1.2 Scope of Report
1.3 Research Approach/Sources

2.0 Cloud IoT Platforms: Virtualization and Value for Connected Devices

2.1 The Evolution of Connected Devices
2.1.1 From Control to Comprehensive Cloud: Stages of Product Development
2.1.2 Consumer Adoption of Cloud Connected Devices and Apps
2.2 Cloud Platform Types, Services, and Trends
2.2.1 Network Communication Standards
2.2.2 Application Layer Initiatives Important to Cloud Platforms
2.2.3 Device Hardware
2.2.4 Device Authorization, Management of Users, and Virtualization
2.2.5 Data Collection, Management, and Security
2.2.6 Media Storage, Streaming, and Analytics Capabilities
2.2.7 Analytics and Data Visualization
2.2.8 API Development and Management

3.0 Cloud Platform Trends for IoT Segments

3.1 Smart Home
3.1.1 Selected Platforms and Services
3.1.2 Consumer Learning Curve
3.1.3 Cloud-Based Interoperability
3.1.4 Voice-Enabled Control
3.2 Connected Consumer Electronics
3.2.1 Selected Platforms and Services
3.2.2 Adoption of Android TV by Major Manufacturers
3.2.3 Cloud Computing to Drive Smart TV Innovation
3.2.4 Cloud Computing and Gaming Consoles
3.3 Home Entertainment
3.3.1 Selected Platforms and Services
3.3.2 Cloud-based Video Delivery
3.3.3 Feature Virtualization
3.3.4 Content Security
3.4 Digital Health & Fitness
3.4.1 Selected Platforms and Services
3.4.2 Remote and Self-Care
3.4.3 Opportunities for Smart Home Players
3.4.4 Cloud-Based EHRs and EMRs
3.5 Connected Cars
3.5.1 Selected Platforms and Services
3.5.2 Empowering Vehicle Owners
3.5.3 New Crossover Opportunities
3.5.4 Cloud Limitations

4.0 Business Value from Cloud-Connected Devices

4.1 Product Differentiation
4.2 Product Development and Manufacturing
4.3 Supply Chain Management
4.4 Device Optimization
4.5 Product Customization and Personalization
4.6 Marketing Analytics and Business Intelligence
4.7 Improving and Extending the Customer Relationship
4.8 Interoperability
4.9 E-commerce integration

5.0 Case Study: LockState

5.1 Company Overview
5.2 Market Opportunity
5.3 Considerations for Cloud Platform Strategy and Selecting a Cloud Partner
5.4 Product Development Process
5.5 Assessing the Business Value of Connected Products
5.6 Implications and Recommendations
6.0 Appendix

6.1 Glossary
6.2 Index


  • Changing Definition of an IoT Product
  • Common Stages of IoT Development
  • Product Maturity Levels
  • Waterfall Method versus Agile Method of Product Development
  • U.S. Ownership of Interactive Smart Home Devices
  • U.S. Ownership of Internet-Connected Home Entertainment Devices
  • U.S. Ownership of Digital Healthcare Devices
  • Owners Using Apps with Smart Home Devices
  • Frequency of Use of Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer to Control Smart Devices
  • Selected Home Control System Platforms
  • Selected Smart Home Cloud Platforms and Services
  • Leading Connected CE Cloud Platforms and Services
  • Leading Home Entertainment Cloud Platforms and Services
  • Leading Digital Health Cloud Platforms and Services
  • Leading Connected Car Cloud Platforms and Services
  • Method to Purchase Smart Energy Device
  • Consumer Profile for Residential Smart Door Locks
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