Content Strategies: Survival in the New Video World
Published By : Parks Associates Published Date : 2015-12-30 Category : Technology Media & Telecommunications Sub Category : Contents No. of Pages : 64

The business model for video distribution has required a series of alterations to remain relevant in the digital age. Consumers have more options to access content than ever before, leading to content companies forging inconsistent distribution rights across the video landscape.

The report identifies current opportunities and threats to video distribution models and recommendations for creating a more consistent user experience for the connected consumer.


1.0 Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report
1.2 Scope of Report
1.3 Research Approach/Sources

2.0 Distribution Strategy - Windowing

2.1 Trends in Consumer Video Spending

3.0 Trends in Motion Picture Windowing Strategy

3.1 Market Forces
3.1.1 Drivers of Motion Picture Windowing Trends
3.1.2 Inhibitors to Motion Picture Windowing Trends
3.2 Accelerated Theatrical Window
3.3 Digital Day-and-Date Release
3.4 Implications

4.0 Trends in Television Windowing Strategy

4.1 Market Forces
4.1.1 Drivers of Television Windowing Trends
4.1.2 Inhibitors to Television Windowing Trends
4.2 Live Digital Streaming - Sports
4.3 Early TV Window - Authenticated and Transactional VOD
4.4 Early and Mid TV Window - Subscription VOD
4.5 Digital Syndication and Revival
4.6 Implications

5.0 Case Studies

5.1 Objective
5.2 Digital Day and Date Release - The Interview
5.2.1 Background
5.2.2 Strategic Developments
5.2.3 Market Implications
5.3 Digital Syndication - Seinfeld
5.3.1 Background
5.3.2 Strategic Developments
5.3.3 Market Implications

6.0 Recommendations

6.1 Content Creators and Providers
6.2 Theater Owners
6.3 Pay-TV Service Providers
6.4 OTT Video Service Providers
6.5 Broadcasters

7.0 Appendix

7.1 Glossary
7.2 Index


  • Household Monthly Spending on Home Video & Cinema
  • Germany, France, Spain, & U.K.: Average Monthly Video Expenditure
  • Percentage of Average Monthly Household Video Spending by Category
  • Broadband Household Penetration by Region
  • Video Consumption on TV Sets by Source
  • Video Source as a Percentage of Total Consumption on a TV Set
  • OTT Service Subscription by Country (Q3/15)
  • Online Video Authentication (2013 - 2015)
  • Recent Use of OTT Services
  • Typical Film Windowing
  • Release Windowing for The Interview
  • Typical Cycle for a Long-running TV Series
  • The Seinfeld Cycle
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