Context is King: Monetizing Consumer Data for Commerce
Published By : Parks Associates Published Date : 2016-03-23 Category : Technology Media & Telecommunications Sub Category : Mobile Subscribers No. of Pages : 45

Mobile commerce has been growing exponentially since the iPhone launch.

Data from personal preferences, locations, and social media feeds, along with push notification and mobile payment functions, allow companies to promote brands and convert transactions much more easily and successfully.

This report examines the role of consumer data in mobile marketing and advertising and highlights the best practices of mobile marketing. It updates the five-year forecasts for U.S. mobile advertising and mobile commerce revenues.

1.0 Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report
1.2 Scope of Report
1.3 Research Approach/Sources

2.0 Context-Based Marketing: An Overview

2.1 The Growth of M-Commerce and Retailers' Challenge
2.2 Cross-Platform Shopper & Omnichannel Marketing

3.0 Emerging Opportunities in Context-based Marketing

3.1 The Rise of Social Media Marketing
3.1.1 Social Media Overview
3.1.2 Social Media Data
3.1.3 Social Media Marketing
3.2 Location-Based Marketing
3.2.1 Solutions Overview
3.2.2 Geolocating and Geofencing
3.2.3 Beacon Technology and Beacon-based Marketing
3.2.4 Near Field Communications
3.3 Mobile Wallet for Marketing

4.0 The Future of Shopper Marketing

5.0 Market Forecast

5.1 Forecast Methodology
5.2 Mobile Ad Spending Forecasts

6.0 Implications and Recommendations

7.0 Appendix

7.1 Glossary
7.2 Company Indexa


  • Companies Researched or Interviewed for Report
  • Leading Social Media Platforms
  • Emerging Social Media Platforms
  • Leading Social Media Data Integrators and Analytics Companies
  • Social Media Marketing Tools for Commerce
  • Leading Content Marketing Platform Providers
  • Leading Geolocation Solution Providers
  • Closed vs. Open Beacon Network: Retailers' Perspective
  • Leading Beacon Solution Vendors
  • Leading NFC-Incorporating Solutions Providers
  • Leading Mobile Wallet/Payment Providers
  • Leading Loyalty-focused Mobile Wallet Providers
  • Forecasts of U.S. Mobile Advertising Spending 2015-2020
  • Mobile Ad Spending: CPM-based vs. Performance-based Ad Spend
  • Mobile Ad Spending: Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Browser-based Ad Spend
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