Dismantling business in India augurs well for the service providers in the current pretext wherein about half of the country’s thermal power plants are aging and exceed 25 years of useful plant life. This means collectively almost 30% of the country’s installed capacity is up for dismantling and a good proportion of these power plants are fast approaching 40 years beyond which operating such power plants would not make any business case for the operators. Infact, 188 thermal power plants of the total 396 thermal power plants in the country are more than 25 years old. The business case for such power plants to be dismantled arises due to the fact that the efficiency of such power plants decrease in the levels of close to 40% of their prime operations.

Key Queries Resolved

  • What would be the typical cost matrix and salvage value for decommissioning of thermal power plants ?
  • What would be the opportunity for turnkey solution providers under decommissioning services ?
  • What would be the opportunity track for equipment suppliers in chimney demolition ?
  • What would be the opportunity track for equipment suppliers in demolition of boiler house ?
  • What would be business potential for players in industrial dismantling ?
  • What would be the business case for financially weak SEBs ?
  • What would be the salvage gains for private players ?
  • What would be the recovery gains to the players from recycling and sale of scrap ?

Contents and Coverage

  • Business Case Evaluation for Decommissioning thermal power plants in India
  • Opportunity track for turnkey solution provider under decommissioning services
  • Opportunity track for equipment service providers
  • Opportunity track for state electricity boards
  • Opportunity track for NTPC
  • Opportunity track for private players
  • Opportunity track for financial institutions/banks
  • Opportunity for railways
  • Opportunity from dismantled power plant assets

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