With India’s generation portfolio turning gradually to renewable preferred one , the existence of very business case for efficient operational and financial performance remains to be the biggest challenge addressable. Honoring the power purchase agreement based upon long term may evolve as the biggest risk for the discoms owing to the falling tariff observed in renewable portfolio and gaining parity with thermal sources.  In this regard the pace of network capacity addition track and the billing & metering efficiency track and holistic approach to uncover the other key operations and finances for the discoms for each state with an imperative of outlook assessment was long felt industry need.

Key Queries Resolved

  • What would be the impact of UDAY scheme on ailing DISCOM’s situation in India ?
  • What is the status of power distribution tariff structure in India ?
  • What is the current status and trends in intra – state network length ?
  • What would be the region wise status of capacity addition in the substations, transformation capacity in India ?
  • What would be the region wise status on metering and billing efficiency in India ?
  • What would be the region wise status of feeder segregation and demand & revenue breakup as per the consumers ?
  • What would be the outlook of power distribution sector in India till 2022 ?

Contents and Coverage

  • Trends in the domestic cement demand
  • Tracking cement supply dynamics for Indian market
  • Focusing on regional cement trade and distribution
  • Examining the volumes and development of exported cement as bulk
  • Understanding seaborne transportation of cement , analysing the cost rationale for roads and rail
  • Detailed pricing analysis for cement , covering region wise , production and transportation split
  • Future outlook of Indian domestic & export cement industry by 2022
  • Company profiling and competition analysis
  • Opportunity Analysis Matrix – Future and Potential Consumer Analysis for Domestic and Export Market

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1. Executive Summary

2. Domestic & Export Cement Market - Overview

2.1 Trends in Cement Demand
2.2 Supply Trends for Cement – Indian Market
a. Domestic Players
b. Foreign Players
2.3 Cement Market Structure
3. Cement Industry Drivers & Restraints in India

3.1 Macro Economic Drivers
a. Indian Economy Growth Track
b. Infrastructure Development
3.2 Industrial Trend
a. Spurt in M&A Drive in Industry
b. Rising Housing Demand

3.3 Restraints 

a. Lowering of Thermal Power Plant Capacity

b. Environmental Norms
c. Investments

4. Tracking Cement Supply Dynamics for India- Current Pretext

4.1 Domestic Capacity Addition Trend- India
4.2 Local Manufacturing Capacity Utilization Trend
4.3 Regional Cement Trade and Distribution
4.4 Export Trend Track
5. Domestic Cement Industry Installed Capacity and Utilization Factor- By Region & Players

5.1 Installed Capacity of Cement
a. By Region
b. By Player 

5.2 Capacity Utilization
a. By Player
b. By Region
6. Domestic Cement Distribution Routes / Channels and Logistics

6.1 By Inland Transport Route
6.2 Seaborne Route
6.3 Regional Cement Trade and Distribution
7. Export of Cement as Bulk out of India- Examining Volumes and Development

7.1 Export of Bulk Cement- History
7.2 Current Dynamics of Bulk Cement Trade out of

7.3 Key Expected Developments
8. Opportunity Analysis Matrix- Future & Potential Consumer Analysis- Domestic & Export Market

8.1 Region Wise Analysis 

8.2 Factor Based Modelling Analysis
8.3 State Wise Track
8.4 High Opportunity Zone Identification
8.5 Seaborne Trade Assessment
9. Seaborne Transportation of Cement – Cost Rationale for Rail & Road

9.1 Cost Matrix for Cement Transport by Road (By
Distinct Locations

9.2 Cost Matrix for Cement Transport by Rail (By
Distinct Locations

9.1 Cost Matrix for Cement Transport by Seaborne
Route (Waterway Transportation)

10. Port Infra Evaluation for Export & Seaborne Trade

10.1 Captive Terminal Infra
10.2 Key Ports
10.3 Capacity Utilization

11. Cement Detailed Pricing Analysis

11.1 Region Wise Split
11.2 Production & Transport Split
12. Indian Domestic & Export Cement Industry Future Outlook- 2022

12.1 By Installed Capacity
12.2 By Region
12.3 By Players
12.4 By Capacity Utilization
7.8 O&M Status

13. Company Profiles & Competition Analysis

i. Ultra Tech Cements Limited
ii. ACC Limited
iii. Ambuja Cements 

iv. Shree Cements
v. India Cements
vi JK Cements Limited
vii. Dalmia Cements
viii. Ramco Cements
ix. Prism Cements Limited
x. OCL India Limited

14. Conclusion