Flash Memory Component Forecast - Quarterly
Published By : WebFeet Research, Inc. Published Date : 2016-05-12 Category : Electronics Sub Category : Electronic Components No. of Pages : 1

The study analyses quarterly the production of floating gate and 3D Flash memory components plus XPoint memory.

The Flash components are segmented by capacity for NOR, MLC NOR, serial NOR, Combo (NOR + xRAM), and into NAND, MLC NAND, TLC NAND, Combo (NAND + xRAM), 3D MLC NAND, 3D TLC NAND and XPoint.

Forecasts are provided annually five years for revenue, units, and ASPs.

Historical results are compiled from the Flash Memory Reporting Association (FMRA) that collects the quarterly shipments from the top Flash manufacturers.

Vendor market shares are projected quarterly for the current year.

This study is available in a Excel format