This study was conceived after many conversations with participants across the audio industry in which High Resolution Audio became a regular topic. The purpose of the study is to offer the reader an unbiased view of the current market and likely future trends, to provide a qualitative assessment to stimulate debate and a quantitative assessment to give the reader a sense of the market opportunity.

It provides commentary and forecasts on high resolution audio trends across the music industry, download/streaming services, and audiodevices/hardware.

1. Scope and Definitions

Scope Definition of High Resolution Audio

2. Market Snapshot - High Resolution Audio

3. The Music Industry, High Resolution Source Files and Downloads/Streaming

Music Industry Market Landscape
Downloads and Streaming Market Landscape
Downloads and Streaming Market Forecasts
4. Audio Devices / Hardware

Audio Hardware Market Landscape
Mobile Speakers
In Room Speakers
Soundbars and Home Theatre
Hi-Fi Components
Key Industry Participants
Monetisation of HRA for Hardware Vendors
5. Acknowledgements