Independent Living Needs: Helping Aging Parents Thrive
Published By : Parks Associates Published Date : 2016-03-23 Category : Technology Media & Telecommunications Sub Category : Mobile Health No. of Pages : 54

The U.S. is facing a retirement wave in the coming two decades.

By 2025, the number of people 65-85 will account for 16.6% of the total population.

The research looks at the needs of caregivers, technologies to assist them, and the role of caregiving apps and connected health solutions to improve aging-in-place and independent living.

This study is available in a powerpoing format with 54 slides.


Industry Insight

Key Findings


Caregiver Needs:

  • Current Care Provided to Family Members (Q3/15)
  • Anticipated Care to Be Provided to Family Members (Q3/15)
  • Common Caregiving Tasks (Q3/15)
  • Hours Spent Per Day on Caregiving Tasks (Q3/15)
  • Areas of High Caregiver Concern (Q3/15)

The Needs of Aging Parents:

  • Patients with Chronic Condition (Q3/15)
  • Concerns about Worsening Health Condition (Q3/15)
  • Frequency of Participation in Health Behaviors in the Last 30 Days (Q3/15)
  • Average Number of Days Participating in Health Behaviors in a 30-Day Period (Q3/15)
  • Difficulty of Health Tasks (Q3/15)
  • Health Management Challenge (Q3/15)
  • Primary Care Doctors (Q3/15)
  • Health Insurance Types (Q3/15)
  • Number of Health Insurance Plans Owned (Q3/15)
  • Most Commonly Used Health Insurance Plan/Plan Combination (Q3/15)
  • Wellness Benefits from Health Insurance Plan (Q3/15)

Technology and Service Usage:

  • Use of App Features for Caregiving (Q3/15)
  • Monthly Use of Mobile App Features for Caregiving Purposes Among Specified Age Groups (Q3/15)
  • Appeal of App Features for Caregiving (Q3/15)
  • Appeal of Using App Features in Caregiving (Q3/15)
  • Monthly Use of Health Apps for Specified Purpose (Q3/15)
  • Adoption of Connected Health Devices (Q3/15)
  • Frequency of Use of Connected Health Devices (Q3/15)
  • Comfort in Completing Health Management Activities (Q3/15)
  • Tools To Create Greater Comfort in Selecting a Health Monitoring Device (Q3/15)
  • Alternative Communication with Healthcare Professionals by Age (Q3/15)
  • Recent Participation in Health Services by Age (Q3/15)
  • Recent Participation in Health Services by Method (Q3/15)

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