Memory Components Service - Annual Subscription
Published By : WebFeet Research, Inc. Published Date : 2016-10-31 Category : Electronics Sub Category : Semiconductor No. of Pages : 1

Memory Components Service (CS801-2016)

This service consists of studies that analyze the market and applications for floating gate and trapped charge Flash memory components, XPoint components and embedded Flash devices. Historic data are provided for the last two years, while forecast data for five years to come.

Flash and XPoint Memory Applications and Markets (CS100FA-2016) 

The study analyses the demand for Flash memory components (NAND, NOR, Serial NOR, XPoint). It investigates the current and future system and technology requirements for more than 175 end-use applications like Smart Phones, IoT (Internet of Things) and SSDs, which drive the market for Flash and XPoint memory components.

This demand forecast segments the usage in each application by memory (NOR-type) or storage (NAND-type) and provides capacity breakouts by revenue, units, Mbits/Gbits, and ASPs that are consolidated into the overall demand forecast. Quarterly spreadsheet updates are available for select applications.

Flash Memory Component Forecast - quarterly (CS200CF-2016) 

The study analyses quarterly the production of floating gate and 3D Flash memory components plus XPoint memory. The Flash components are segmented by capacity for NOR, MLC NOR, serial NOR, Combo (NOR + xRAM), and into NAND, MLC NAND, TLC NAND, Combo (NAND + xRAM), 3D MLC NAND, 3D TLC NAND and XPoint.

Forecasts are provided annually five years for revenue, units, and ASPs. Historical results are compiled from the Flash Memory Reporting Association (FMRA) that collects the quarterly shipments from the top Flash manufacturers.

Vendor market shares are projected quarterly for the current year.

Flash Memory Vendors - Market Shares (CS700MS-2016) 

The report summarizes the market data, as well as the ranking and market shares of NOR, serial NOR and NAND Flash memory manufacturers and vendors. It also includes the rankings and market shares for the other three nonvolatile memory markets: (EPROM + MROM: OTP ROM), EEPROM (serial and parallel), and NVRAM.

In addition, serial EEPROM is forecast out to 2021 by interface, density, revenue, units, and ASPs, and another forecast is made for NVSRAM by density. Both forecasts are available for additional costs.

emFlash Memory - Applications, Markets and Companies (CS400FA-2016) 

The study analyses the applications and markets for emFlash/emNVM into microcontrollers (8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, DSP) and programmable logic (gate arrays, standard cells, field programmable logic). Over forty+ end-use markets most are found in the Internet of Things (IoT), which are analyzed/quantified by revenue, units, and ASPs for the emFlash/emNVM memory.

It also provides profiles of companies participating in this emMarket.

This is an annual subscription service