Operators use a variety of strategies and tactics to keep subscribers and to lure subscribers away from competitors. As the industry moves to faster tiers of broadband speeds, providers will struggle to differentiate services and to explain why consumers need one Gigabit-speed service over another.

This report examines trends in broadband services and the ways in which operators will compete for and hold onto subscribers in a world of high-speed broadband.

1.0 Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report
1.2 Scope of Report
1.3 Research Approach/Sources

2.0 The State of Broadband Worldwide

3.0 Operators and Gbps-Speed Broadband Services

3.1 Global Availability of Gbps-Speed Services
3.2 U.S. Availability of Gbps-Speed Services

4.0 Consumer Demand for High-Speed Services

5.0 Need for Gbps-Speed Services

6.0 Challenges in Gbps-Speed Services

7.0 Competition in Gbps-Speed Broadband Markets

7.1 Changes in Promotion
7.2 Market Strategies for Mbps-Speed Services

8.0 Forecast

9.0 Implications and Recommendations

9.1 Operators Offering Gigabit-Speed Services
9.2 Operators Offering Lower Speed Services

10.0 Appendix

10.1 Glossary
10.2 Index
10.3 Image Sources


  • Broadband Households by Region (2015)
  • Global Broadband Household Share by Region - 2010 vs. 2015
  • Top 10 Global Broadband Markets by Number of Subscribers
  • Top 10 Global Broadband Markets by Annual Increase in Number of Broadband Households (2014-2015)
  • Gigabit-Speed Broadband Service Offerings by Region
  • Maximum Speed Offerings for U.S. Broadband Providers
  • U.S. Gigabit-Speed Broadband Service Offerings
  • Broadband Service Speed (Q2/15)
  • Recent Changes to Broadband Service by Perception of Speed (Q2/15)
  • Reason for Switching to a Different Broadband Service Provider (Q2/15)
  • Perception of Service Speed by Speed Received (Q2/15)
  • Likelihood of Making Changes to Broadband Service by Perception of Broadband Speed (Q2/15)
  • Broadband Services Forecast Methodology
  • Forecast: Broadband Subscribers by Region (2015-2020)
  • Forecast: Regional Share of Broadband Households (2020)
    • Forecast: North America Broadband Subscribers by Country (2015-2020)
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