OTT Video and TV Everywhere: Competition and Success
Published By : Parks Associates Published Date : 2016-03-31 Category : Technology Media & Telecommunications Sub Category : Digital Broadcasting No. of Pages : 43

The rise of over-the-top (OTT) video services has reshaped consumer habits and the competitive landscape for the video industry.

This report examines the ongoing evolution of OTT video services, pay-TV services, and the video content ecosystem.

In addition to global trends, success factors, and inhibitors, this report also assesses the future for the industry.

1.0 Report Summary

1.1 Report Purpose and Scope
1.2 Key Findings

2.0 Supply and Demand for OTT Video Services

3.0 The State of TV Everywhere

4.0 Competition in OTT Video Services

4.1 Globalization of OTT Video Services
4.2 Operators and OTT Video Services
4.3 Content Producers and OTT Video Services
4.4 Diversity of OTT Video Competition

5.0 Competition in Video Delivery

5.1 The Changing Requirements of Video Delivery Clients
5.2 Differentiation in Video Delivery Offerings
5.3 The Impact of Cloud-based IaaS on Video Delivery

6.0 Forecast

6.1 Forecast Methodology
6.2 Forecast of OTT Video Subscriptions and Revenues

7.0 Future Opportunity and Concern

8.0 Appendix

8.1 Glossary
8.2 Index
8.3 Image Sources
8.4 Report Resources


  • OTT Video Services Launched - U.S. and Canadian Markets (2011-2015)
  • Penetration of Subscription OTT Video Services - U.S. Market (2011-2015)
  • Percentage of Households with Multiple OTT Video Service Subscriptions (2011-2015)
  • Internet Video Consumption and OTT Video Service Subscriptions - European Markets
  • Priority, Perspective, and Plans for TV Everywhere
  • Global Expansion of OTT Video Services
  • Benefits and Challenges of Global Expansion of OTT Video Services
  • Influence of Online Video on Downgrading Pay-TV Service by Country
  • Operator-supplied Linear TV OTT Video Services Introduced in the Past Year
  • Operator-supplied Non-Linear TV OTT Video Services Introduced in the Past Year
  • Content Producer Approaches to and Priorities for OTT Video Services
  • Non-Traditional Entrants into OTT Video Services
  • Differentiators of OTT Video Delivery Vendors
  • Global OTT Video Service Forecast Methodology
  • Global Forecast: OTT Video Service Subscriptions by Region (2015-2020)
  • Global Forecast: OTT Video Service Subscription Revenues by Region (2015-2020)
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