SSD Insights Q4/14: TLC Arrives in the Datacenter
Published By : Forward Insights Published Date : 2014-12-01 Category : Electronics Sub Category : Semiconductor No. of Pages : 35

This report provides a forecast of the client and enterprise SSD market out to 2018.

Computing SSD Quarterly Trend

Q3/14 SSD Revenues by Supplier

NAND Players' SSD Revenues

Computing SSD Revenue Forecast

Computing SSD Unit Forecast

SSD Market by Technology

Client SSDs

Q3/14 Client SSD Revenues by Supplier
Notebook SSD Forecast
Ultra-thin Notebook Storage
Client SSDs

Average SSD Capacity
SSD Channel Pricing
Client SSD Pricing
Tablet SSD Forecast
TLC SSD Forecast
Client SSD Market by Technology
Client SSD Interface Trend
Enterprise SSDs

Q3/14 Enterprise SSD Revenues by Supplier
Captive Datacenter SSD
Enterprise SSD Revenue Forecast
Enterprise SSD by Form Factor
Enterprise SSD Unit Forecast
Aggregate Enterprise $/GB
Enterprise SSD by Technology
Average Enterprise SSD (User) Capacity
Server-attached SSD Forecast
PCIe SSD Inteface Breakdown
PCIe SSD Forecast
Enterprise $/GB Forecast
Storage-attached SSD Forecast