SSD SWOT Analysis and Company Profile
Published By : WebFeet Research, Inc. Published Date : 2016-10-31 Category : Electronics Sub Category : Electronic Components No. of Pages : 1

Who is making high performance SSDs for the Client, Enterprise and Commercial applications?

Who is pushing the edge of third party Controllers: intelligent processing of NVMe storage, compression and Object storage?

The ‘SSD SWOT Analysis and Company Profile’, provides the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of 60+ standard form factor SSD vendors and 30+ third party Controller manufacturers.

This report recognizes the difficulty of knowing which SSD and controller storage companies are active in the market, what products and services do they offer and who is advancing the ‘intelligent processing' of memory and storage.

This timely update also lists the major vendors in hardware: Enterprise Solutions and All Flash Arrays, and through software/firmware: Business Intelligence and Analytics, Data Analytics, In-Memory Compute, Object Storage and Distributed File Systems, and NVMf Fabrics.

Besides being a veritable who's who covering the players in each market, this analysis provides more clarity in highlighting how the SSD and controllers are evolving towards the merging of memory and hot storage.

The hardware side of the SSDs shows the host interface moving from SATA and SAS to PCIe/NVMe and into the Memory channel.

On the controller side are advances in handling or processing large data sets, reducing latency, improving LDPC and ECC, applying real time compression, enabling object storage, and enhancing security. Storage Class Memory (SCM) along with the advent of Data Centric Computing has motivated lead vendors like CNEX, NGD Systems and Symbolic IO to optimize the features of SCM or counter with their unique approach.

1. Introduction

2. Companies (Select by Company)

3. Markets Served Segmentation

a. Enterprise

b. Client

c. Commercial

4. Company Information

a. Strengths

b. Weaknesses

c. Opportunities

d. Threats

e. Headquarters Locations

f. Corporate Status

g. SSD Products

h. SSD Capability

i. Other Products in Portfolio

j. Flash and Controller Suppliers for SSDs

k. IP Considerations

l. Patents Granted

m. Known Customers

n. Number of Employees

o. Relevant Comments

5. SSD Company List

6. Enterprise Solutions

7. All Flash Arrays

8. Business Intelligence and Analytics

9. Data Analytics

10. In-Memory Compute

11. Object Storage and Distributed File Systems

12. NVMf Fabrics

13. Controllers

a. Strengths

b. Weaknesses

c. Opportunities

d. Threats

e. Available Products

f. Firmware

g. Performance Options

h. ECC

i. Compression