Storage Systems Service - Annual Subscription
Published By : WebFeet Research, Inc. Published Date : 2016-10-31 Category : Electronics Sub Category : Electronic Components No. of Pages : 1

The main focus of this service analyzes the application devices that contain a significant amount of nonvolatile memory or drive / accelerate the development of nonvolatile memory market for use in a storage application.

Target applications are in all three of the major device market segments: consumer, mobile and computing. This service identifies the market requirements and assesses the entire complement of storage technologies and systems that compete for the storage market: Flash Storage (SSD, EFD, Flash Cards), NVDIMM-N/F/P, Memory Channel Storage and alternative storage technologies.

Solid State Drives (SSD) Markets and Applications - Annual (SS300SSD-2016) 

The SSD study analyses the technology, markets and applications for SSDs in comparison with hard disk drives. It forecasts the evolution of the computing, consumer, and enterprise markets for SSDs, as well as the technical and commercial challenges SSDs are facing: cost, capacity, reliability, density, temperature range and mechanical ruggedness.

Controllers both internal and external for the various types of SSDs are analyzed and forecast by enterprise and computing interface. Flash cache and other NVM caches are also compared and forecast for the enterprise and computing market applications.

The annual report includes the SSD forecast out to 2020 and provides quarterly SSD market shares and SWOT analyses.

Solid State Drives (SSD) Company Profiles and SWOT Analysis - Annual (SS350SWT-2016) 

The annual SSD Company Profiles and SWOT analysis provides the annual database profile of all the 150+ SSD vendors and the 25+ controller/firmware companies along with a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of the top tier SSD companies.

The thrust of the SWOT analysis is to integrate the excel database profiles and answer the ongoing business issues facing the SSD market.

Commercial/Industrial/Embedded Solid State Storage (SSS) - Flash Cards, EFD, SSD and module form factor SDD - Markets and Applications Forecast - (SS375ESSD-2016) 

This spreadsheet only forecast of the Commercial/Industrial/Embedded SSS market breaks out all the Solid State Storage Form Factors: Flash Cards, Embedded Flash Drives (BGA), SSD, Module-based SSDs and other non-.standard form factors, which are forecast by units, revenues, Average capacity and ASPs.

There are six sub-segments within this market: Networking-Telecom, Industrial, Connected Home, Medical, Automotive, Avionics / Aerospace / Military. Within these segments there are 55+ individual end applications that are also segmented by Geography: America, EMEA, Asia for the forecast period through 2020.

Some of the vendor companies are profiled in terms of the embedded products they offer.

Embedded Flash Drives, eMMC / UFS, SPI NAND, SLC NAND (SS450EFD-2016)

The annual EFD study analyses the drivers, markets and applications for embedded storage that is positioned between removable cards and SSDs. EFDs are internal or non-removable storage that is bundled with stacked NAND components and a controller, which is more complex than a card controller, but less sophisticated than a SSD controller. Like Flash cards, Embedded Flash Drives (EFD) are found in four market segments: video, image, audio and computer.

A total of over thirty individual applications are analyzed and forecast for EFD, eMMC / UFS, SPI NAND and SLC NAND. The study also provides a detailed forecast of the EFD market (revenue, units, ASPs, and GBs) for a five year period.

In addition, the embedded NAND component usage is also broken out by density for revenue, unit, ASP, and Gbit consumption. Many of the vendors for EFDs are profiled by product offering and the 2015 and 2017 eMMC Market Shares by Vendor are listed.

This is an annual subscription service