The SEMI TIMING Quarterly Newsletter
Published By : Consulting Services & Associates Published Date : 2016-10-31 Category : Electronics Sub Category : Semiconductor No. of Pages : 1

Cs &A LLC New Tool; The SEMI TIMING Quarterly Newsletter, Gains Popularity

Included in this unique Newsletter Series are updates for the WW Semi Timing TAM by reporting segment (Xtals, Oscillators, Timing IC's, Die Sales into FCP, and RF Timing components and modules), Technology updates and announcements, Event calendars, Updates for Product Mixes and portfolio's for the new year. Supplier Rankings, Market trending, and updates to the rolling forecast are all a part of this new publication.

For many OEM Marketers, This publication provides a tool that brings data and information from SEMI TIMING virtually to their fingertips for the most recent and relevant happenings in one of the most dynamic segments of Worldwide Semiconductors.

Additional content with specific articles targeted for Engineering with Test and Measurement updates covering; methodologies, standards, and equipment used in device characterization, lab test and measurement, and production. As an industry driven heavily by standards set in committee, use cases and applications for Semi Timing Specialty devices for applications like; JEDEC defined DDR RDIMM timing support silicon, JESD 204B standards for High Speed Data Acquisition Timing, High speed Serial I/O Physical Layer and MAC Timing, and standards for methodologies in measurement (this is a critical area where we must have standards in place or risk interoperability issues) Allocation of the Frequency Spectrum and updates for upcoming auctions and licenses, and definitions for new solutions in Comm's Infrastructure and Back haul in Macro Cell's as an example, where new architectures are being investigated for development of new designs for the LO and Baseband Timing domains. While in Small Cells, the issue is cost, so we see heavy levels of embedding of the timing blocks into the single ASIC/ASSP and/or PSoC.

The SEMI TIMING News Letter keeps your finger on the pulse of the Industry noting MnA activities and new investments into Semiconductor Timing. Far from a dead area, new investments continue to be made from both the Venture community and Industrial Partners. We have a short list with respect to startups and entities seeking a partner either financial, or operations related, and we see a good mix of technologies in these companies to include; Quartz, MEMS, and Compensated CMOS. Research and Development for thee "Disruptive" Technologies continue at record levels with results that illustrate real progress; an example are MEMS based Timing with STRATUM compliance (STRATUM 3); a marked bit of progress with respect to Frequency Stability, Calibration and Compensation, Accuracy with respect to RMS Phase Noise, and very good close in numbers too, thus placing them in the :Good enough" performance buckets where it will come done to Pricing and Availability...

The SEMI TIMING News Letter provides coverage and updates that cannot be tracked Quarterly with a big mainstream standard industry market report as it would be too much to publish such a large report 4 times during a given year, instead, the problem needs a short and concise method of update during the course of the business year. The News Letter, with a Quarterly delivery schedule, provides just enough granularity in time to provide real and measureable value added without high cost.


This second in a series of focused and limited reporting, provides a deep dive into both 32 KHz references and Real Time Clocks IC's (RTC's). In CY2011, CS &A LLC released the first Report in this focused deep dive report series...

A focused Segment Report and Analysis;

FUD is working its magic; Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt Is fast becoming a New Reality as Integration and Consolidation Continue to Impact Semiconductor Timing Revenues

NEW: Semiconductor Timing Revenues challenged in 2015...

Consulting Services & Associates LLC (Cs &A) announces the release of its latest market report and analysis series (5 Reports!) focused on Semiconductor Timing covering the Industry for CY2015-16 with forecasting through 2019.

A Crescendo in Semi Timing $$Revenues was reached in CY2012, and CY2013-15 showed real measureable impact in the form of declining Revenues as aggressive $$Asp erosion Compounded with the highest levels of integration of the funcational Timing Blocks into ASIC's, and coupled with very high MnA actvity continued to put pressure on the Semiconductor Timing Supplier Base in 2013, and the trend is forecasted to continue thru CY2014 although today, we now have limited potentials available, or prepared for MnA. In fact we sw a record transaction in 2015 for 200 Million USD a deal more than 11x revenues of the Target; SiTime...

CY2015 showed more ASIC/ASSP Timing function integration pressure on Semi Timing Suppliers than ever before, especially true in high volume CE (Consumer Electronics) Timing solutions. Evolutionary changes to the product mix today include standard Quartz based solutions along with MEMS, now mainstraming, and Compensated CMOS where we saw the supplier base condense and flatten out completely 2015.

The latest CS &A Timing Market report for CY2015 - Q1 CY2016 details the complete supplier base (~100 suppliers WW) providing where, what, when, and how the supplier particpates in specific markets and use cases/apllications. We detail the respective technologies in play and develoment (SAW, Quartz, Ceramic, MEMS, & Compensated CMOS), product category level participation / product mixes, design, fabrication, assembly test and packaging capabilities which is THE crucial info needed in assessing a potential supplier and in understanding positioning and Share Of Market (SOM).

CS &A Reveals details in its Newest Semiconductor Timing Market Report & Analysis Series with Five (5) distinct Timing Segment Reports and Analysis;

1.Crystal and Oscillators
2.Semiconductor Clock & Timing* includes die sales, RF components and RF Modules
3.Combined Semi Timing
4.32KHz and Real Time Clocks
5.Semicondutor Timing Opportunities in Communications Infrastructure and Back Haul

Cs &A now offers Timing device measurement/characterization/validation services - Cs &A provides full DC / AC and fundamental reliability and QA test and measurement.

This is an Annual Subscription with 4 Quarterly issues sent over E-mail

Q3 CY2015 Summary;

In this Issue;

  • Repositioning for the future...

Supplier News & Our New Product Release Spotlight


  • Microsemi
  • IDT

IDT's New VersaClock6™ Hits the Market

  • Ecliptek Corporation
  • NEL
  • Pericom
  • Texas Instruments
  • HFF Taking a bigger SOM (High Frequency Fundamental Quartz Crystals)
  • Heavy activity make 2014-15 the Biggest 12 months on record to date for Semiconductor MnA !
  • Microsemi continues to spend
  • 999Why is this important to Semi Timing?
  • 999Western Digital; finalizing the acquisition of SanDisk
  • 999Enterprise HDD's and Semi Timing
  • 999The Companies Report Earnings in Late October

Some discussion about Fanout & Distribution Buffers; High volume and $$Revenues, and Still High Valued Added...

Commentary and Opinion; the Growing Trend towards Integration of the Timing Functions into ASIC's/ASSP's, & MacroTiming, Something new!

  • Integration can lead to Modulation domain issues

Commentary and Opinion - The Place for All Silicon Based Timing Solutions; Compensated CMOS

  • Opinion

Q3 CY2015 TAM Impact and Updates

  • The Trending is clear - Q3 Shipment trends;
  • CS &A Forecasting; The current expectation within the industry;
  • MEMS and Compensated CMOS: Still, MORE Development IS Required