The Value Pack Edition 2016-2017

WORLDWIDE MNO, MVNO & 4G DIRECTORY 2016 (February 2016)—Valuepack 2016-17 Edition

PART 1. WORLDWIDE MNO DIRECTORY 2016—2017 (February 2016) a.k.a. WMNOD 2016

PART 2. WORLDWIDE MVNO DIRECTORY 2016—2017 (February 2016) a.k.a. WMVNOD 2016

PART 3. Worldwide 4G-Wireless Operators Directory 2016—2017 (February 2016) a.k.a. W4GOD 2016

The “The Value Pack Edition 2016-2017” will include following regions/ territories

1. Africa

2. Asia Pacific (Including Australia & New Zealand)

3. Europe

4. Latin America (Including West Indies & Caribbean)

5. Middle East

6. North America

The “The Value Pack Edition 2016-2017” will provide following information/ details

Name of MNO or MVNO—Continent-wise & Country-wise
Group Information & Commercials—Ownership & Share Patterns; Network Portfolio or Offerings; Subscriber Growth (in #s, %ages); Penetration Rate (%age); and much more.
Postal Address, Phone #s, and Fax #s.
Web Presence/ URL Link
Names—Decision Makers & CXOs/ Management
Roles—Decision Makers & CXOs/ Management
Direct/ Individual Email Addresses of decision makers & Management/ CXO divisions

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